One of the Top 10 Charities in the World: The Cambodian Children’s Fund

cambodian childrens fundInternational charity organizations are primarily geared towards community service and helping the less fortunate in areas of greatest need. Most of the resources of these organizations are assigned for the direct distribution of aid to those in need themselves, with a small percentage of donations usually going to cover administrative and supply costs.

It is important to note that all the functions performed by these organizations are legally binding, monitored and in line with the general public policy of the country where they are located. Globally there are numerous worthy causes like the welfare of impoverished children, caring for the disabled and elderly, wildlife, the environment and many more.

One of the highest rated international charity organizations is the Cambodian Children’s Fund. And their story is pretty touching to say the least.

Best International Charities to Give to: Cambodian Children’s Fund

This brilliant charity organization believes that with the requisite education and support, a child has the ability to get their whole family out of poverty and beget a new age of people who hold the power to completely transform society. CCF helps students build the confidence, skills and integrity they require to become reformists and Cambodia’s leaders of tomorrow. This organization has been working with the poor communities since the year 2004 , and started their major efforts by rescuing children living in the garbage dump located at Steung Meanchey.

best international charity for needy kidsToday there are about 2000 students in schools through the award-winning education program initiated by the CCF. Through several of its operations that focus on main themes such as community outreach and education, it employs an all inclusive approach in coming up with the real solutions to the whole issues of poverty in the communities.

Through a variety of programs that concentrate on 6 main areas- vocational training, healthcare, leadership, childcare, education and community outreach, taking a holistic on-the-ground approach to promote to address the root causes of poverty, and ensure responsibility of families and communities.

Other top-rated charities after the Cambodian Children’s Fund

1. Against malaria foundation. Malaria is the most dangerous disease to children in low-income states. An estimate of 600,000 people dies of malaria infection every year. This organization works to prevent the spread of the disease by distributing insecticide-treated nets. Even a small donation is enough to buy nets, which gives significant improvement in the quality of life of potential victims.

2. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. Just like malaria, parasitic diseases like internal microscopic worms affect a big number people living in poor areas. Approximately 240 million people are living with parasitic worm infections. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative works basically in the areas where these deadliest worms are prevalent, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Deworm the World Initiative. This organization helps governments in running programs in schools to promote deworming efforts. Mostly they help in distributing pills which eliminate intestinal parasites that get into the bodies of the kids through unsanitary water or soil. Its main objective is supporting and promoting the programs which deliver those pills to the kids.

When You Give to Cambodian Children, You Save a Life

In conclusion, if you’re going to be making a charitable donation in the near future, just remember that Cambodian children are some of the most appreciative and in need for your help and generosity. Considering that Cambodia experienced a genocide only 40 years ago, their entire society is in need of compassionate and intelligent future leaders, and with your help I recommend Cambodian Children’s Fund for your valued donation.

In addition to helping children, they also provide assistance to elderly women as well. All around, you have got to check them out.