Why a 401k Rollover to a Gold IRA Could Save Your Retirement from a Stock Market Crash

World stock markets plummeted 3% each or more on Monday as the air in the “everything bubble” appears to be escaping through the cracks. The Dow Jones was down almost 1,000 points on the day before finishing down 767.

China also stepped up retaliatory measures against the US trade tariff threats by devaluing the Yuan, weakening their currency in a bid to be more competitive in global export markets.

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Central banks and the Federal Reserve are also slashing interest rates as China weakens the Yuan, and India is making moves to cut off the Silk Road which China uses for international trade routes in an effort to get land back from Pakistan.

We’ll see how this all goes, but greater downward pressure appears to be the new market norm.

With manufacturing PMI and trucking companies shutting down in 2019 it would appear an economic slowdown is already here as a recession, if it’s not painfully obvious to the regular folks in the real economy and the middle class.

Gold and silver meanwhile hit new highs.

Yesterday did anything but reassure markets, even with a .25% interest rate cut by the Fed FOMC from last week. Can central banks really print more money to save this market, or are we officially in bear territory?

A stock market crash could be in the on-deck circle and ready to pop off any day, so retirees, workers and investors should be concerned to say the least.

Goldman Sachs has predicted that another interest rate cut will be dropped on the markets by September as the recent interest rate cut failed to achieve its immediate objective of insurance for equities.

With bond yields hitting new lows, it would appear money has no place to hide.