Governments’ Failed Response to Coronavirus Reminds Us Why Bed Bugs are Still “A Thing”

When you think about the coronavirus, bed bugs are probably the absolute last thing that come to mind.

But for me, a person who has been helping people get rid of bed bugs for the past 6 years, the government response to “Covid-19” comes across as the same song, second verse.

This is because the way government has shut down society and kept otherwise healthy low-risk categories of people from work, school, and travel due to the current “pandemic” closely mirrors the same inept and devious handling of the worldwide bed bug epidemic.

covid 19 coronavirus

Covid-19 and Bed Bug Treatments: a Monopoly in the Making

Recently the FBI raided a Michigan medical spa for providing intravenous vitamin C treatments, something they’ve done for the past 10 years, “to help support people’s immune systems and to help those with the virus recover quicker”, according to owner Dr. Charles Mok.

Just a month ago, CNN tweeted “There is *no evidence* that garlic, water, vitamin C, essential oils, colloidal silver, or steroids will protect you from coronavirus, no matter what you read on the internet”.

…Imagine the irony of CNN saying on the internet, that you can’t trust what you read on the internet.

Vitamins C, D can help prevent coronavirus, Oregon State University researcher says

In what seems like common sense to me, Oregon State University researchers have gone on record to say that nutrition, including foods rich in vitamin C, can help in fighting off the novel coronavirus, because it strengthens the body’s immune system.

intraveinous vitamin c drip

And yet, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, in an interview with CNN, said that the site would remove videos of anyone saying that taking Vitamin C would cure the coronavirus.

Sure, vitamin C may not be a cure for the common cold, or the coronavirus, but knowing just how liberal these silicon valley tech giants are when it comes to censoring people on their platform, it presents just one more hurdle to the average person attaining a higher level of basic knowledge to protect their own health.

And That’s Just How Government and the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry Want It

Governments around the world have failed to inform the public of all the things they can do to bolster their immune systems, and in fact, have actually shut down societies in half the world as an over-reaction that may actually be counter-productive to surviving Covid – 19.

And this brings me back to bed bugs.

bed bugs pic

This is Why the Bed Bugs Bite

As of right now, one of the absolute best, cheapest, safest and completely natural remedies to eliminate a bed bug infestation is being held from the general public as well.

It’s called natural amorphous silica, and it can be found in the bottom of freshwater lakes as well as oceans. It’s a type of fine dirt that also goes in the agricultural food supply as well. Cows eat it and it kills microscopic parasites in their digestive tracts.

People put it down in their chicken coops to eliminate ticks, fleas, and mites. I’ve eaten it myself probably 15 – 20 times, as it also attacks parasites in humans just as effectively, and strengthens hair and nails.

And the Environmental Protection Agency tells people NOT TO USE IT against bed bugs, even though it has a proven efficacy which I can verify along with 100’s of thousands of people who have also used it against insect pests.

Is it 100% safe?

Well, you probably shouldn’t snort it like it was a line of cocaine. But even if you have been unfortunate enough to breathe in a bunch of it as I have myself when recklessly demonstrating how I could eat a spoonful of it to an acquaintance, it’s good to know that 1) I survived, and 2) “Inhalation of amorphous silicon dioxide, in high doses, leads to non-permanent short-term inflammation, where all effects heal.

Pesticide Grade Silica Does Exist, Though It’s Less Effective, and Government and a Few Companies Have a Monopoly Over It

It’s true, the EPA licenses silica for use against crawling insects, and I sell it from my website specifically for bed bug treatment, though I sell an existing product from a company that was founded before World War 2.

And when you consider the cost of bed bug extermination vs. silica, it becomes almost criminal that the government has created a de facto monopoly over this type of cheap, abundant and natural resource, as silica costs far less than getting an exterminator and is much preferable to using chemical compounds which could have lasting, harmful side effects.

Government Creates Dependency, Scarcity, and Ignorance

It’s like this worldwide regarding both bed bugs and the coronavirus. Instead of governments putting out the most useful, empowering, and effective information on dealing with problems, they act as if the only solution is going to be a vaccine, and the only solution against bed bugs is calling Terminix and getting your house sprayed down with chemicals for anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Not only is this a terrible approach to solving a problem- any problem- it’s also intellectually and morally dishonest, and lazy. Instead of empowering people to solve their own problems, they are actively shutting down the economy, ruining people’s lives, and demanding compliance and uniformity.

And it’s about time the world woke up to how things really are, and not trust the facade that “authoritative sources” would like us to believe.

Your health, future, and survival could very well depend on it.

Is Increased Immigration from the 3rd World Bringing in All the Bed Bugs?

3rd world illegal immigrants bringing in the bed bugs

Trash in the streets. Poverty. A generally lower level of tidiness and hygiene. Parasites. These are the marks of a 3rd world country. And bed bugs.

While a person of Japanese descent who intends to immigrate to the United States has to undergo several rounds of screenings and tests, checks, and other background certifications, under Obama the Dept of Homeland Security literally shipped in people from south of the border in the United States, and now Los Angeles is battling 3rd world Typhus, and the rest of the USA has been under increased siege from bed bugs.

Take a look at the following charts and notice a pattern:

1st, let’s look at illegal immigration in the beginning of the 21st Century in the USA.

rise in illegal immigration in the united states

Now, let’s look at the sudden exponential rise in bed bugs around the same time.

rise in bed bugs chart

Find out how to eliminate and get rid of bed bugs here:

Making Old Pesticides Like DDT Illegal is Not the Cause of the Nation’s Bed Bug Problem

While the debate over poor personal hygiene and bed bug prevalence rages on, another leftist construct to excuse and attempt to make virtuous an overall lack of cleanliness and sanitary practices, only a few dare to actually pinpoint that besides the fact the Western world made DDT illegal a long time ago due to negative side effects for stopping bed bugs, the real culprit is letting in people who have lots of bed bugs to begin with.

If it were only making DDT illegal as a pesticide which caused the bed bugs to come back, then they would have made their comeback in the early 1980s, which they did not. It was only around the turn of the Century when even professional exterminators lamented that half of their calls in the New York area were dedicated to dealing with hysterical people with bed bug infestations.

This is unwelcome news, especially for all the people who wake up to patches of itchy red bites and unrelenting sleepless nights. And it was not just Obama who was letting in all the illegals, though he was the one giving them vouchers of money and free bus tickets to where ever they wanted to go, illegally, disregarding longstanding logical and rational immigration law and policy which almost every country on this Earth, including Mexico itself, practices.

Meanwhile, there’s a bus in Kenya covered in bed bugs going from point A to B right now that’s literally infested with thousands of these annoying bedbugs.

Illegal Immigration = Bed Bugs

In today’s politically correct climate of always pardoning anyone that’s illegally entered your country who can’t speak English, so long as they have brown skin and are named Mohammed or Hector, why is it so difficult to imagine that these pests and invaders come in together to the modern day 1st world?

Anyone who has lived in the 3rd world themselves knows that poverty and disgusting public health practices, or lack thereof, is no virtue at all. Even the people who live there know it, which is partly why they are fleeing those hell holes to begin with.

Let’s pause for all the leftists out there to faint and virtue signal. Ok, moving on…

3rd world countries have all kinds of diseases that modern societies fought off and eliminated 100s of years ago, only to have them return once our beloved leftist politicians found it expedient to pass out welfare to non citizens, along with voting rights as was the case with the California DMV.

False Blame for Bed Bugs

Many people are blaming the wrong thing for bed bugs, while ignoring the elephant sized bed bug in the room. As illegal immigration has soared in places like France and the United States for the last 20 years, an equally correlative rise in bed bugs has also occurred. To deny it is to simply hate charts and graphs, and to blatantly overlook the obvious.

The combination between making dangerous but effective chemical pesticides for bed bugs illegal matched with the unlimited number of foreign invaders coming into once civilized and free democratic countries has taken even city halls and airports hostage, or anywhere else with a high amount of transient foot traffic and upholstered fabric seats.

Does Bedroom Guardian work better than bed bug spray?

resistant bed bugsFirst let me say that there is not a bed bug spray in existence that is touted by those who are dealing with the unfortunate situation known as bed bugs.

I know we’re all tempted to reach for a spray when it comes to eliminating pests and insect ones especially, but bed bugs pose a different challenge.

A spray is usually a contact killer. If it weren’t, exterminators would not be in business. Most store-bought bug killers are $4 – $15 and usually are intended to kill roaches or ants. Bed bugs are extremely resistant to almost all store-bought bug killers.

Bed bugs are in fact resistant to most chemical pesticides too, like DDT, which is an old-school insecticide that the federal govt deemed a potential birth defect risk, so they banned it for casual indoor household use.

And now, an old once-thought extinct type of bed bug has apparently made a comeback after disappearing for 60 years in Florida in November 2016.

But the EPA and several American universities have hinted that there is massive opportunity for profit in the bed bug market, and the aforementioned reasons are likely why. Their prevalence and inability to be wiped out by humankind all but guarantee bed bug companies will have customers.

Bedroom Guardian

does bedroom guardian workBedroom Guardian LLC is a company that produces Bedroom Guardian, a natural bed bug killer (only guessing it’s natural since they don’t list ingredients) that is likely effective and possibly affordable, but with a catch.

Bedroom Guardian requires a credit card and indefinite monthly billing, like a month-to-month service that you have to cancel by phone.

Some people might think the concept of such is silly but these Bedroom Guardian reviews demonstrate the desperation that many people go through as they spend their way through the most common and ineffective bedbug solutions, often resulting in financial losses of hundreds to thousands.

One review online at YouTube shows that the product does work. However, the “need” to charge people monthly seems a bit predatory and unnecessary.

Bedroom Guardian for bed bugs, not for your credit

Be careful before you put your credit at risk for a company like Bedroom Guardian. We are confident you can find other solutions to bed bug problems without endangering your finances. That said, we wish you good luck in getting rid of those bed bug bites!

This is what bed bug bites look like! Gross!!

bed bug bites look like