Puppy and Dog Training Tips for On or Off Leash

Dog Training Tips for On Leash

Ideally you want to make the task at hand much easier, and one of the ways you can do that when teaching your puppy how to walk on a leash is to attach the leash to you! This is why a hands free dog leash can really come in handy both during dog training and when you hit the trails for some running and exploration of the hills.

talk it out with your dog before going off leashThe next step is to get the leash harness on its body! You can work it on step by step by incorporating treats. Changing variables slowly and rewarding can help your dog understand that what is occurring is in its best interest. You can also attach the leash and let him drag the leash behind so that it gets used to experiencing the leash.

Finally just pick up the leash and let him know that you have it, followed by dropping it. Then you can move onto rewarding the dog with treats by following you around the room or yard in successive steps and moves. Soon enough your dog will feel comfortable and be a great dog to take for a walk!

Off Leash Training for Your Dog

Getting your dog accustomed to off leash activity can be a very rewarding experience for it, from the newfound freedom it gets to experience to the actual physical and mental growth it achieves off leash. You and your dog will drastically improve your communication and understanding of each other’s cues, and you will ultimately build your bond and support system with your dog that much more.

I found that after doing things with my dog off leash he became much more calm when on leash. I think this is because he realizes that when the leash goes on, we are going on some type of trip by foot, and when the leash comes off, this means designated walk around and explore time.

leash training tips and dog training leashesMy dog now views his leash as the catalyst for his going from inside and bored to outside and walking around, experiencing all that the day and nature have to offer. So it’s interesting what a little freedom mixed with practicality creates in the psyche of your hound.

Additionally, I have found that if I pause everything and get down on my dog’s level, and word some instructions with the proper emotional tones, the dog understands in some way that I am entrusting him with greater freedom but also greater responsibility and why he must remember to listen to me.

It’s amazing how much dogs can understand from how you speak to them. I once helped trained a dog not to run away when the door opened, and I did it by opening the door, physically holding the dog with the door open, and calmly telling it not to run away, then letting the dog go.

He ran out of the door, but we found him downstairs and he appeared to be waiting for us. He got the message, that we were on the same side.

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