How to Remove Dangerous Pet Hair Buildup and Kill Fleas Naturally

How to Remove Dangerous Pet Hair Buildup and Kill Fleas Naturally

You might think that having a furry friend or a pet that constantly sheds hair would just be a nuisance, an annoyance and nothing more. The truth is that pet dander can lead to harmful dust that builds up in human lungs, leading to respiratory problems and premature death.

How to Remove Dangerous Pet Hair Buildup and Kill Fleas Naturally

This is why it’s so important both for your health and your sanity when it comes to removing dog hair or cleaning your cat’s fur off the ground, carpet or floor. Prime areas for unintended fur deposits also include the furniture, the bed, carpet, and your car.

Vacuuming is a must as well as sweeping and mopping, but you’ll also want to go directly to the source to eliminate excess hair and fur: your loving fido or kitty.

Excess Pet Hair Often Means You’re Neglecting to Notice Fleas Too

One of the benefits of regularly grooming your dog or cat to remove built up hair or fur that they will then shed is that you’re regularly brushing and cleaning their coats, paying more attention to flea infestation prone areas and clearing the follicular jungle of fur that parasites would look to inhabit.

You can brush your dog or cat, but why not also give them a massage using your hands or a special hair removal and cleaning massage glove for pets.

Many pets will not mind having their fur brushed with a comb or hair brush, but many of them would prefer a gentler approach where they can feel the direct energy and loving touch from your palms while you massage out the felled hair and clean them thoroughly.

Additional Steps to Directly Stop Fleas and Clean the Dog or Kitty Cat

In addition to brushing out old hair and fur which has been shed, I have taken all-natural DE and carefully brushed it into my dog’s coat when I discovered a flea infestation once and it worked ok. It worked much better than Frontline, a big name commercial product that causes tremors and seizures in some pets.

After brushing in the diatomaceous earth and working it around in the fur and all the flea infested spots, I brushed it out and then gave my dog a bath, and that seemed to help. I also stopped taking my dog to a certain doggy daycare where he was getting the fleas from, and that worked too.

It’s not officially recommended, but as long as you keep your pet from breathing in a bunch of it then it should be fine, really. Maybe be careful if it’s really sensitive or has breathing issues already, but a little DE goes a long way in the battle against fleas (and bed bugs).

It also works great to apply to the carpet or floor, leave it a few days, then sweep it all up and vacuum to top it all off. This gets rid of fleas excellently as well. Just make sure you sweep and mop before vacuuming when you clean up because it can clog up your vacuum cleaner if you try to suck too much off the ground.

Remove Pet Hair – Stop Fleas Naturally

At the end of the day, it really is all about keeping you and man’s best friend happy and healthy. Also, if we don’t want to get on each other’s nerves and rekindle the flame of our furry love, it helps for humans and pets to both bathe regularly and have scheduled grooming.

I’ll let you decide if you want that to be together or not. There’s no judgment here.





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