How Much Food Would $20 US Dollars Have Bought You in 2020 in the 3rd World?

Is this a little or a lot of food for 20 bucks? I think it’s a lot, personally. See you again in 5 years, when we can laugh about inflation together.

Watch: Video Shows What 20 Bucks Worth of Groceries in 2020 looked like when purchased in a 3rd world or developing country


What I found is that when compared to the Euro, the US dollar has decreased in purchasing power by around 12 percent in the last 5 years. When pitted against currencies from 3rd World Countries or “developing nations”, the USD lost anywhere from 12 – 25% in purchasing power in the same time frame.

I’m grateful for everything I have at the moment, and that especially includes these groceries, access to fresh fruits and vegetables as well as quality protein sources at an affordable price.

Every little bit counts!

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