Governments’ Failed Response to Coronavirus Reminds Us Why Bed Bugs are Still “A Thing”

When you think about the coronavirus, bed bugs are probably the absolute last thing that come to mind.

But for me, a person who has been helping people get rid of bed bugs for the past 6 years, the government response to “Covid-19” comes across as the same song, second verse.

This is because the way government has shut down society and kept otherwise healthy low-risk categories of people from work, school, and travel due to the current “pandemic” closely mirrors the same inept and devious handling of the worldwide bed bug epidemic.

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Covid-19 and Bed Bug Treatments: a Monopoly in the Making

Recently the FBI raided a Michigan medical spa for providing intravenous vitamin C treatments, something they’ve done for the past 10 years, “to help support people’s immune systems and to help those with the virus recover quicker”, according to owner Dr. Charles Mok.

Just a month ago, CNN tweeted “There is *no evidence* that garlic, water, vitamin C, essential oils, colloidal silver, or steroids will protect you from coronavirus, no matter what you read on the internet”.

…Imagine the irony of CNN saying on the internet, that you can’t trust what you read on the internet.

Vitamins C, D can help prevent coronavirus, Oregon State University researcher says

In what seems like common sense to me, Oregon State University researchers have gone on record to say that nutrition, including foods rich in vitamin C, can help in fighting off the novel coronavirus, because it strengthens the body’s immune system.

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And yet, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, in an interview with CNN, said that the site would remove videos of anyone saying that taking Vitamin C would cure the coronavirus.

Sure, vitamin C may not be a cure for the common cold, or the coronavirus, but knowing just how liberal these silicon valley tech giants are when it comes to censoring people on their platform, it presents just one more hurdle to the average person attaining a higher level of basic knowledge to protect their own health.

And That’s Just How Government and the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry Want It

Governments around the world have failed to inform the public of all the things they can do to bolster their immune systems, and in fact, have actually shut down societies in half the world as an over-reaction that may actually be counter-productive to surviving Covid – 19.

And this brings me back to bed bugs.

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This is Why the Bed Bugs Bite

As of right now, one of the absolute best, cheapest, safest and completely natural remedies to eliminate a bed bug infestation is being held from the general public as well.

It’s called natural amorphous silica, and it can be found in the bottom of freshwater lakes as well as oceans. It’s a type of fine dirt that also goes in the agricultural food supply as well. Cows eat it and it kills microscopic parasites in their digestive tracts.

People put it down in their chicken coops to eliminate ticks, fleas, and mites. I’ve eaten it myself probably 15 – 20 times, as it also attacks parasites in humans just as effectively, and strengthens hair and nails.

And the Environmental Protection Agency tells people NOT TO USE IT against bed bugs, even though it has a proven efficacy which I can verify along with 100’s of thousands of people who have also used it against insect pests.

Is it 100% safe?

Well, you probably shouldn’t snort it like it was a line of cocaine. But even if you have been unfortunate enough to breathe in a bunch of it as I have myself when recklessly demonstrating how I could eat a spoonful of it to an acquaintance, it’s good to know that 1) I survived, and 2) “Inhalation of amorphous silicon dioxide, in high doses, leads to non-permanent short-term inflammation, where all effects heal.

Pesticide Grade Silica Does Exist, Though It’s Less Effective, and Government and a Few Companies Have a Monopoly Over It

It’s true, the EPA licenses silica for use against crawling insects, and I sell it from my website specifically for bed bug treatment, though I sell an existing product from a company that was founded before World War 2.

And when you consider the cost of bed bug extermination vs. silica, it becomes almost criminal that the government has created a de facto monopoly over this type of cheap, abundant and natural resource, as silica costs far less than getting an exterminator and is much preferable to using chemical compounds which could have lasting, harmful side effects.

Government Creates Dependency, Scarcity, and Ignorance

It’s like this worldwide regarding both bed bugs and the coronavirus. Instead of governments putting out the most useful, empowering, and effective information on dealing with problems, they act as if the only solution is going to be a vaccine, and the only solution against bed bugs is calling Terminix and getting your house sprayed down with chemicals for anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Not only is this a terrible approach to solving a problem- any problem- it’s also intellectually and morally dishonest, and lazy. Instead of empowering people to solve their own problems, they are actively shutting down the economy, ruining people’s lives, and demanding compliance and uniformity.

And it’s about time the world woke up to how things really are, and not trust the facade that “authoritative sources” would like us to believe.

Your health, future, and survival could very well depend on it.

The Bed Bugs Are Back (with Photos), How to Kill them Now!

bed bug infestation photosNothing is more annoying than to wake up in the middle of the night to find some creature sucking the life out of you. You would probably scream and squash the little devil to pieces. Bed bugs have remained the number one bed menace, followed by the mosquito. Recent surveys have actually shown that most of the population is more scared of bed bugs than mosquitoes.

Reports have however shown that most people cannot tell the difference between the bite from a mosquito and that from a bed bug. A number of bed bug news and reports are actually just mosquito bites misconstrued as bed bug news. Most people are just paranoid and psychologically fearful of bed bugs. But there is a vivid difference between the two bites.

Mosquito bites occur singly, become itchy almost immediately and they quickly disappear. Bed bug bites on the other hand occur in groups, take time to get itchy and often last long. Moreover, they can be accompanied by rashes and blood stains may be found on the bed sheets or blankets.

The little bastards can’t fly or jump. So, how do they manage to be such nightmares all over the globe? They crawl. That’s right, you can actually find the tiny insects fleeing if you are quick enough to respond to their bite. Squashing the bed bugs can actually release a lot of blood, as much as a drop. Being bitten by a couple of them, especially to an anemic person can be devastating. Also, who wants tiny little vampires sucking their blood out? No wonder they are such a scare. Fortunately, their bites are neither lethal nor spread diseases.

Where and How do People Get Bed Bugs?

There is an increasing number of reports on getting bed bugs on public vehicles, the subway and even in airplanes. Geez, now we can’t even safely sleep in our travels? Bed bug reports have been reported from flights from Newark Airport on the Air India flights. Pictures of the tiny beasts went viral on social media and a family that was traveling was actually interviewed by the Hindustan Times.

They reported that all the seats in the business class in Flight Air India 144 and when they reported to the crew, all they did was use bug spray. This aggravated the situation further. The Airline apologized on social media about the bed bug news and a few weeks later they were forced to completely ground all fights in order to eradicate the bed bugs.

There are several ways to eliminate a bed bug infestation in your house. The most basic is to avoid infested areas. Only use properly serviced public transport. Also avoid putting your suitcases on the floors in hotels. There is some truth to the known belief that bed bugs love dirty places.

Tidy Up: Step 1 in Bed Bug Prevention

So, properly clean and vacuum your house. Remember the tiny cracks on your floor boards and crevices in your bed, that is where the bugs like to hide. Include baking soda in your washing liquid, it repels bed bugs. You can call the exterminator if the infestation is heavy. Some bed bugs are quite difficult to eradicate and need intervention of a professional using extreme methods.

Also, lay something down that prevents bed bugs long term so that you’ll have that extra protection going forward. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, but you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds or thousands.

Affordable Bed Bug Infestation Prevention