Man tries to kill bed bugs with rat poison- his daughter is now in Intensive Care Unit

how to get rid of bed bugs yourself for goodI’ve been saying this for years. The government is doing absolutely zero to help with the average person’s bed bug problem. And now, a man who tried to use rat poison to battle bed bugs resulted in his 3 year old daughter fighting for her life in ICY in New York State.

While it’s obvious to most people you shouldn’t use rat poison to kill bed bugs, the information gap on finding effective bed bug repellents, killers, sprays, and powders that aren’t harmful to humans as well as the cimex lectularius, is still as vast as the Grand Canyon.

Why it’s so hard to get rid of bed bugs

First, bed bugs have built up a resistance to most available and “acceptable” chemical bed bug killers available, and the government outlawed DEET a long time ago after realizing it worked too well on humans in addition to bed bugs.

The EPA has a prohibitively expensive process for any newcomer trying to make a bed bug product to be regulated and registered, especially after the hard costs of production, manufacturing, marketing, and if you’re lucky enough- sales.

Some companies (there are only a few) that produce natural bed bug killers and sprays in the United States are literally 100 years old, and their marketing to the average consumer reflects a company that puts a product on a hardware store shelf and hopes that somehow people will gain the knowledge of it by osmosis or pure magic.

Other government agencies and schools are claiming they don’t have an active bed bug infestation to calm the nerves of parents, though they may not exactly be lying. Bed bugs are the best hitchhikers, moving from homes to buses, hospitals, movie theaters, schools- anywhere there’s people.

Then, those same companies sell their products on without much online marketing done, so a few people who are lucky enough or web savvy enough to do a thorough hour long search for bed bug products may hope to land on it, but then again they may not.

This is why one company specializing in information consulting has arrived on the scene in the last 3 years guiding customers to a safe and human-friendly, effective solution that not only provides an all natural bed bug killer, but actually shows people how to get rid of bed bugs yourself for good at without spending the usual hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bedbug exterminator.

Bed bugs on airplanes are becoming a 21st Century global problem.

Not all Bed Bug Killers are created Equal

Many bed bug killers are touted as safe, and yet contain pyrethrin which is not something I’d want near my infant child or pregnant wife, if I had either of those, of course. Any type of bug killer that affects the central nervous system of the insect can reasonably be expected to potentially act on that of a human as well, while perhaps not equally, enough to be cause for concern.

So for the meantime, the average consumer is a victim of more than just bed bug bites. One New York woman even chose to sleep in her car during the Winter because bedbugs were so out of hand!

No area of the US is immune to bed bugs

But it’s not just the big metropolitan areas of the US that are affected. Even Nebraska has bed bugs in the most obscure of townships and cities!