Top Hospitality Jobs That You Can Work Abroad

working as a waiter at a 5 star hotelHotels and resorts around the world are the perfect travel destinations and centers for business, relaxation, and fun. Every day, thousands of people check in as guests to hundreds of hotels around the world.

All these people have expectations and needs that need to be catered to.

This means that there are thousands of job opportunities to be filled in the hospitality industry. If you love to travel, and you love adventure and meeting new people, a job as part of a hotel or resort crew could be the perfect match for you.

Top Hospitality Jobs That You Can Work Abroad

Working abroad in the hospitality industry is the perfect way to travel, collect memories, meet new people, improve your CV and make a little (or a lot) extra cash, all at once!

Plus, with a global hospitality industry worth over half a trillion dollars, the opportunities available for you are almost limitless!

If you are interested in working abroad in this fantastic niche, here is a list of the top hospitality jobs that you can get into:

1. Waiting Tables

One of the most popular hospitality jobs abroad is waiting tables in fine dining restaurants at popular tourist destinations. Hotels and resorts constantly need wait staff, and the more experienced you are the easier it will be for you to get into finer and better-paying restaurants and hotels.

This job is perfect for you if you enjoy interacting with people.

2. Bartending

The perfect way to meet locals and make fun friends, bartending is a popular choice for many people who want to work abroad in this industry. Just be prepared to have considerably more lively nights than the average person.

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3. Chefs and Cooks, Catering, Cruise Ships

Being a chef or a cook in a foreign country is one of the best and most immersive ways to learn about another country’s cuisine and culture. If you love cooking or generally creating beauty with your hands, then this job would be just perfect for you.

4. Handymen/ Maintenance Staff

This job is perfect for you if you enjoy working with your hands. From cleaning to plumbing to general mechanical or electrical maintenance work, hotels and resorts are in constant need of professional and certified personnel in this area.

It is also one of the few jobs on this list that you can get into with fairly little prior experience, and learn on the job while at it.

5. Managers

Hotels usually set aside a few visas for highly skilled positions, particularly executive level positions such as managerial positions. Being an experienced manager and having previously worked at a similar position in other companies would make you very sought after.

6. Beach Attendant

Have you always wanted to run away to that beach destination of your dreams? Do you fantasize about laying on the sands and watching the evening sun dip into the ocean? If you love the beach and want a job that would let you spend your days relaxing on the beach and getting the perfect tan while at it, then say no more, because this is definitely it!

7. Scuba Dive Instructor

Having unique skills is a huge plus if you want to have an easier time finding a job abroad. If you are an expert scuba diver, and you love beach destinations, there are hundreds of resorts and hotels around the world that would be happy to do the legwork on your behalf to secure your talent.

8. Front Desk Receptionist

Hotels and resorts constantly need receptionists to man their front desks. If you are a people person, bilingual or multilingual and can be able to multitask like a pro, then this job is definitely the perfect fit for you.

9. Massage Therapist

Hospitality professionals with special skills are highly sought after around the world. Good professional massage therapists are hard to come by, and having this skill would make you very marketable.

10. Hotel Cleaning or Maid Staff

Hotel rooms will always need to be cleaned and tidied up. As a former part-time janitor, I can say that if the price is right anyone will clean a toilet, from experience.

Let’s face it, you can make tips in almost any line of hospitality work, with the right approach.

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As someone who has worked in the hospitality for many years before starting my own business, I credit what I learned waiting tables with forming my understanding of how people spend money, and why.

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The Bed Bugs Are Back (with Photos), How to Kill them Now!

bed bug infestation photosNothing is more annoying than to wake up in the middle of the night to find some creature sucking the life out of you. You would probably scream and squash the little devil to pieces. Bed bugs have remained the number one bed menace, followed by the mosquito. Recent surveys have actually shown that most of the population is more scared of bed bugs than mosquitoes.

Reports have however shown that most people cannot tell the difference between the bite from a mosquito and that from a bed bug. A number of bed bug news and reports are actually just mosquito bites misconstrued as bed bug news. Most people are just paranoid and psychologically fearful of bed bugs. But there is a vivid difference between the two bites.

Mosquito bites occur singly, become itchy almost immediately and they quickly disappear. Bed bug bites on the other hand occur in groups, take time to get itchy and often last long. Moreover, they can be accompanied by rashes and blood stains may be found on the bed sheets or blankets.

The little bastards can’t fly or jump. So, how do they manage to be such nightmares all over the globe? They crawl. That’s right, you can actually find the tiny insects fleeing if you are quick enough to respond to their bite. Squashing the bed bugs can actually release a lot of blood, as much as a drop. Being bitten by a couple of them, especially to an anemic person can be devastating. Also, who wants tiny little vampires sucking their blood out? No wonder they are such a scare. Fortunately, their bites are neither lethal nor spread diseases.

Where and How do People Get Bed Bugs?

There is an increasing number of reports on getting bed bugs on public vehicles, the subway and even in airplanes. Geez, now we can’t even safely sleep in our travels? Bed bug reports have been reported from flights from Newark Airport on the Air India flights. Pictures of the tiny beasts went viral on social media and a family that was traveling was actually interviewed by the Hindustan Times.

They reported that all the seats in the business class in Flight Air India 144 and when they reported to the crew, all they did was use bug spray. This aggravated the situation further. The Airline apologized on social media about the bed bug news and a few weeks later they were forced to completely ground all fights in order to eradicate the bed bugs.

There are several ways to eliminate a bed bug infestation in your house. The most basic is to avoid infested areas. Only use properly serviced public transport. Also avoid putting your suitcases on the floors in hotels. There is some truth to the known belief that bed bugs love dirty places.

Tidy Up: Step 1 in Bed Bug Prevention

So, properly clean and vacuum your house. Remember the tiny cracks on your floor boards and crevices in your bed, that is where the bugs like to hide. Include baking soda in your washing liquid, it repels bed bugs. You can call the exterminator if the infestation is heavy. Some bed bugs are quite difficult to eradicate and need intervention of a professional using extreme methods.

Also, lay something down that prevents bed bugs long term so that you’ll have that extra protection going forward. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, but you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds or thousands.

Affordable Bed Bug Infestation Prevention

Which is Best to Stop Snoring: CPAP, BIPAP or a mouthpiece?

Sleep apnea and snoring are affecting more and more people these days. In fact, there are more than 20 million US citizens suffering from excessive snoring, sadly. According to the society, this is a dangerous disorder and pharmacists have been forced to devise ways of combating it.

the VPAP for COPDCurrently, we have CPAP, BIPAP, and mouthpieces being used. Which one is the best for you? We’ll look at the pros and cons of each snoring solution and then you can make an informed decision.

Which is Best to Stop Snoring: CPAP, BIPAP or a mouthpiece?


Let’s go over the benefits vs costs analysis and pros and cons of each.


CPAP pros


This is a nasal mask covering the nose and the upper lip region. When using this mask, the patient gets an indirect airflow through the airway making it advantageous for patients with high-pressure requirements. It’s the right choice for patients who want something comfortable. While it’s not as light as those nasal pillows, it’s lighter than a full facial mask.

If you move a lot in your sleep, then this means for you it:
• Complements the body’s natural airflow
• Is more effective than nasal pillows


CPAP cons

It won’t work for mouth breathers. It’s basically ineffective when used by mouth breathing patients unless complemented by a chin strap. These are bands bound to the mouth and chin and they keep the mouth closed while you sleep.
Unsuitable for patients with:
• Larger than normal turbinates
• Narrow nasal passages


BIPAP pros

Unlike the CPAP, this machine relieves snoring by alternating air pressure. When you breathe in, it increases airflow and reduces it when breathing out. This makes it comfortable for patients and as it works in sync with the body’s breathing mechanism.
• Comfortable compared to other snoring devices
• Ideal for patients with neuromuscular ailments
• Can be used by patients with cardiovascular disease
• Works best on patients suffering from acute and moderate apnea


BIPAP cons


Perhaps the most pronounced effect of using the BIPAP machine is that the patient may experience nasal congestion. This is a side effect brought by both CPAP and BIPAP devices. It’s also disadvantageous in that:
• It’s expensive
• May bring about central apnea
For those who can’t afford BIPAP or want a natural alternative, check out these sleep apnea mouthpiece reviews.


Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea mouthpiece pros


Typically, referred to as oral appliances, this is a sleep apnea therapy device that is worn when you sleep. They resemble sports guards or dental retainers. They’re customized by pharmacists to suit the patient’s needs.
How are they advantageous?
• Patients never experience dry nasal cavities – unlike CPAP and BIPAP, the patient never experiences the discomfort brought about by a snore nose or congestion
• They’re comfortable in all sleeping positions – considering that they’re tailored to the patients liking, they will never interfere with your sleeping position or exert too much pressure on the skin. Again, CPAP and BIPAP may be uncomfortable when you have excessive facial hair while this isn’t a problem when using oral appliances.
• Suitable for patients with allergies
• Aesthetically appealing – this is in comparison to the CPAP and BIPAP masks
• Affordable


Stop Snoring Mouthpiece cons


• You may get sore gums on the first few days after using them
• Patients may experience excessive drooling
• Uncomfortable jaws
• Cannot be used in conjunction with existing crowns or braces.
• The patient may get a dry mouth on first use.

For continued reading, check out The Top BIPAP Reviews of 2018

One of the Top 10 Charities in the World: The Cambodian Children’s Fund

cambodian childrens fundInternational charity organizations are primarily geared towards community service and helping the less fortunate in areas of greatest need. Most of the resources of these organizations are assigned for the direct distribution of aid to those in need themselves, with a small percentage of donations usually going to cover administrative and supply costs.

It is important to note that all the functions performed by these organizations are legally binding, monitored and in line with the general public policy of the country where they are located. Globally there are numerous worthy causes like the welfare of impoverished children, caring for the disabled and elderly, wildlife, the environment and many more.

One of the highest rated international charity organizations is the Cambodian Children’s Fund. And their story is pretty touching to say the least.

Best International Charities to Give to: Cambodian Children’s Fund

This brilliant charity organization believes that with the requisite education and support, a child has the ability to get their whole family out of poverty and beget a new age of people who hold the power to completely transform society. CCF helps students build the confidence, skills and integrity they require to become reformists and Cambodia’s leaders of tomorrow. This organization has been working with the poor communities since the year 2004 , and started their major efforts by rescuing children living in the garbage dump located at Steung Meanchey.

best international charity for needy kidsToday there are about 2000 students in schools through the award-winning education program initiated by the CCF. Through several of its operations that focus on main themes such as community outreach and education, it employs an all inclusive approach in coming up with the real solutions to the whole issues of poverty in the communities.

Through a variety of programs that concentrate on 6 main areas- vocational training, healthcare, leadership, childcare, education and community outreach, taking a holistic on-the-ground approach to promote to address the root causes of poverty, and ensure responsibility of families and communities.

Other top-rated charities after the Cambodian Children’s Fund

1. Against malaria foundation. Malaria is the most dangerous disease to children in low-income states. An estimate of 600,000 people dies of malaria infection every year. This organization works to prevent the spread of the disease by distributing insecticide-treated nets. Even a small donation is enough to buy nets, which gives significant improvement in the quality of life of potential victims.

2. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. Just like malaria, parasitic diseases like internal microscopic worms affect a big number people living in poor areas. Approximately 240 million people are living with parasitic worm infections. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative works basically in the areas where these deadliest worms are prevalent, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Deworm the World Initiative. This organization helps governments in running programs in schools to promote deworming efforts. Mostly they help in distributing pills which eliminate intestinal parasites that get into the bodies of the kids through unsanitary water or soil. Its main objective is supporting and promoting the programs which deliver those pills to the kids.

When You Give to Cambodian Children, You Save a Life

In conclusion, if you’re going to be making a charitable donation in the near future, just remember that Cambodian children are some of the most appreciative and in need for your help and generosity. Considering that Cambodia experienced a genocide only 40 years ago, their entire society is in need of compassionate and intelligent future leaders, and with your help I recommend Cambodian Children’s Fund for your valued donation.

In addition to helping children, they also provide assistance to elderly women as well. All around, you have got to check them out.