Why a Recession May Occur with 84% Certainty by 2021

How much longer until the “everything bubble” finally pops?

Just a decade ago, mainstream media was interviewing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and the comments being made sound eerily like the same ones being echoed today by Jerome Powell: sustained growth, though a little lower than projected, with no forseeable recession risk.

And yet, we all know how that one turned out in 2007 – 2008. The housing market crashed followed by the stock market which became known as the “Great Recession”.

But while many have been touting the economy and the perceived recovery, what most are forgetting is just how much fake money has been injected into markets to make them look safe and sustainable. Now, the truth is starting to come out as the USA is about to pass its previous record for a business expansion cycle.

And as it does, fewer Americans are buying jewelry, having sex, and buying cars.

Let’s delve into the real economy, shall we?

84% CFOs think a Recession Will Happen within 2 Years

  Most CFOs and over half of all CEOs surveyed predict an economic recession is on the horizon due to the global economic slowdown. The consumer simply does not have the money to spend us back into prosperity, and debt is growing at massive rates.

How to Protect Your 401k or IRA from a Stock Market Crash

With over 10,000 Americans retiring everyday, most retirees are going to benefit from taking a good hard look at their 401k or IRA and doing some evaluating. What % of their retirement is based in stocks, bonds, cash, and precious metals?

A general rule states that a retiree’s age is the % amount that should be in bonds, with other risker investments taking up the minority share of their portfolio.

And with gold being the most undervalued it has ever been in history, many retirees are getting a rollover from their 401k or IRA into a Gold IRA for extra saftey, and to enjoy the gold bull market once the paper economy starts to fold.

free gold ira rollover kit for investors and retirees

Americans are Having Less Sex and Jewelry Stores are Closing Down in Record Number

What really should not surprise people, is that as younger generations of Americans still live with their parents, put off major life purchases like cars and houses, and delay marriage and childbearing (if at all), is that people are having less sex.

This comes at the same time that jewelry store giants like Zale’s and Jared’s do some housecleaning, shutting down over 400 stores in the last 2 years in an effort to meet dwindling consumer demand.

How Much Debt? You Might Be Surprised

If you thought the national debt was only $22 Trillion USD (still unpayable in reality), then you’ll be mildly shocked to learn the real figure is around 100 trillion.

This is because there are no plans to pay for social security, medicaid and medicare into the future. No one knows how we’ll ever balance a budget if we ever do, again.

Recent Federal Reserve Comments Should Alarm American Retirees Heavily Invested in the Stock Market

When 60 Minutes rolls out 3 Federal Reserve Chairs from the past 2 decades in an attempt to calm investors’ fears about markets, it’s time to seriously consider an exit strategy.

Remember, these were the same monkeys telling you everything was ok in 2006, and many retirees had to put off retiring for several years to wait for their retirement accounts, heavily invested in the stock market, to rebound after the great crash of ’08.

If we’ve learned anything, it’s to do the opposite of what the Fed tells us.


INTRODUCTION to Cimex Lectulariuscimex lectularius is the name for bed bugs

Bed bugs are the worst enemy to a good night’s sleep. They multiply in large numbers over a short period of time while sucking you blood. They lay eggs and the eggs hatch to suck your blood and grow really fast. If you have bedbugs, they bite and run away when you switch on the lights.

This is a very terrifying experience throughout the night. Bed bug bites are small pin like and in large numbers all over your body especially the neck and hands. If you have woken up one morning to find small brown stains on your sheets, call the exterminator as fast as possible, or research online for an affordable solution (they do exist and we’ll give you one at the end of this article).

ADAPTATION & RESISTANCE of bed bugs to chemical pesticides

Some bedbugs are actually adapting. These new bed bugs species are not exterminated by normal insecticides. They have developed thicker skins and are now the new biggest problems, if they attack your home. The extermination methods have to change. Therefore temperatures are increased to extreme bout 1400 F or extreme cold temperatures of approximately -200F.


States like California have designed new laws for fighting bedbugs. Landlords have to provide written information in details about the little creatures that bite in the night. They also are required to provide information on reporting about infestation to the landlord. The law has also prevented landlords from renting any vacant and infested rooms and not acting upon those reported. There is no need for the landlords to inspect rentals without any complaints from tenants. There is a requirement to notify of pest inspector findings.


Basically these enemies feed on blood. They feed on humans and mostly at night. An adult bedbug is a shape, size and color of an apple seed. The eggs are the color and shape sesame seed. The younger ones of bedbugs are called nymphs. They look like the adult bedbugs with the exception of their pin sized heads. After feeding they become elongated and turn their color to reddish. Before being adults, nymphs shed their exoskeleton five times.


Unlike other pests like fleas, bedbugs don’t live on the bodies of their hosts. These small creatures bite and hide. They don’t jump but crawl. These are dangerous because they can live inside cracks especially on wood. They are carried on wood and even clothes thus can easily move from one apartment to another. Affected areas have to be treated together like an estate or the infestation will be recurrent


If you have the following, your house may be infested and you need to call an exterminator;

· Tiny white and sticky eggs.

· Red or brownish pin sized spots.

· Molted skin from their shed.

· Tiny empty eggshells.

They live mostly on; mattresses, carpet edges, bed head boars, bed connections (wood), linen and walls.

Luckily bedbugs don’t carry diseases. Victims may develop red spots on their skins that look like mosquito bites. Other victims don’t have any reaction, this is disadvantageous because they will be very hard to detect.


In the 1950’s bedbugs disappeared after pesticides were developed to counter them. Decades later the pesticides were banned and as they continued to persist in the world they came back to the United States. In the 1990’s they appeared in big hotels and were carried by travelers around the world to their homes.

Bedbugs don’t depend on filth like cockroaches, whether your house is clean or filthy you can be attacked. Bedbugs will feed on your blood and give you uncomfortable nights. Wage war against bedbugs if you want to live in peace.

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Banks Hoarding More and More Gold Tells Real Story About US Economy

A few years back when I was in Las Vegas visiting a buddy of mine, we were driving by all the big casinos- The Wynn, the Bellagio, Caesars- all these beautiful and incredible structures. Great big giant palaces.

My buddy said to me “JB,  these casinos weren’t built by winners, they were built by suckers and losers.” And every time I go back to Vegas, I always think about what my friend told me.

And when I look at Wall Street I say to myself “look at those big giant banks- those big buildings, those big hedge fund buildings, those big financial and investment firms- look at those giant palaces they’ve built”, and I say to myself, “those buildings were built by suckers and losers, and you know when these institutions start losing money they crash the system and then you see the biggest wealth transfer of its time when they come and they take your house, and when they take all your assets.”

You see, the house never loses- it’s a rigged system. It’s a Ponzi scheme and when they start to lose they crash the system and they transfer all that wealth because the house never loses. Right now there is a crisis waiting to happen, no doubt in my mind, and I think to most people who follow these markets and who are awake, there is no doubt in their mind that a crisis is forming right now and that we’re actually in the beginning of a crisis already.

When you have a combination of slow or negative growth and this unprecedented amount of debt, it’s a recipe for economic destruction and the real reason that I think we’ve been seeing these rate hikes now- six since Trump has been elected- is because they know that we are heading into a big recession and they need to get these rates up so that they can adjust themback down in order to get out of the recession at a later time. 

You need to be able to adjust rates and drop rates four percent or more and so we don’t have four percent to adjust or to drop and we would be negative at that point- so I think they’re expediate amiss as quickly as they can because they know that we are on the verge of a recession and they need room to drop these rates the markets were getting decimated today and the Fed came out and said that they’re gonna wait and see.

They’re gonna do this wait-and-see approach that maybe they won’t be raising rates four times next year, they’re gonna have to really see what the economy is doing again wait and see and so the market reacted today and we were literally probably around negative 400 when that news came out and I thought the market was almost going to go green I think we’re down about 70 points maybe today.

So the market just roared back on that little bit of news and that is basically putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound and that should tell you that even though all that was good news to the market today it was really bad news overall for the economy.

Interest Rates Are Not Even High, Yet Everyone Else Appears to Be

That’s telling you right there that the economy is not that good -we are at 2% right now okay? 2% interest rates-  this is how fragile the economy is that this this market or these markets cannot handle a 25 basis point bump because it’s ready to just implode so at 2% we’re still at near 0% and the Fed has to back off because they know that this economy is not doing that well.

This should be a huge red flag to everybody, this is not good news it is actually bad news and things are not as they appear. Central banks know the truth and they’re buying gold and silver hand over fist right now. They are hoarding this stuff, as central banks currently hold 20 percent of all gold that has ever been mined. Central banks actually account for 33 thousand metric tons of gold.

Look at JP Morgan- they said they’re gonna be buying another 650 tons of gold between this year and next year, and they hold anywhere from 800 million to 1 billion ounces of silver so what do you think Jamie Dimon and his bank JP Morgan Chase know that you or I don’t?

Why do they own so much of this metal?

There’s a lot of political and economic uncertainty across the globe and at home right now. Another reason I choose metals is because if anything’s been stable the last couple weeks in these markets- it’s been gold and silver.

So it’s probably a very good time if you’re not into these right now I would definitely be looking into the gold and silver market and not owning the paper you want to own- the hard, tangible real stuff- you know if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. This is why Gold IRAs are so great because you can take delivery of the gold and still get tax benefits too.

This is why I advise holding the solid material, not paper. You need to put it where you can get to it and be preserving your wealth at the same time because there is too much uncertainty in the world right now and there’s way too much uncertainty here in the United States of America.

You need to be really really careful what’s going on you need to be awake and youn eed to be holding the two most beaten-down unappreciated undervalued assets in the entire world which is gold and silver, and we’ve added more uncertainty with the arrest of the CFO from Huawei the Chinese mobile phone company December 1st in Canada, who will most likely be extradited to America for trial.

This is going to to have some effect on the trade truce with China, so what kind of effects exactly are we going to see from that? China seems very upset and they want her back, and we’re gonna see how that plays out too.

Again, it adds more uncertainty into the picture watching these markets…

CEO of General Motors Has No Conscience After Layoffs

Today was one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen on TV- the interview with the General Motors CEO, and she looks like a complete mess. It’s just shocking that she’s the CEO of General Motors but just really the disrespect and arrogance that General Motors has towards America after the American taxpayer bailed this company out after after the 2008 crash

We bailed this company out and now they’re closing these two plants in Michigan and Ohio- thousands of people are gonna be laid off and gone, and the upper management are not laid off… the towns, the cities that these plants are in are going to be decimated now… the restaurants, the housing, these people that have these jobs these plants were there for over 50 years and these towns’ businesses relied on General Motors being there…

People are going to lose their houses after these GM layoffs. They’re going to lose their life savings and their whole life is about to change. These cities and these towns where these plants were there they’re gonna they’re gonna feelit ok this could really bury thesecities and the people that live in these cities not just that worked a GM but the people that worked in the outlying areas that fed off a GM- the restaurants, the stores, the gas stations and convenience stores, retail stores and malls – everybody’s gonna feel the effect

But General Motors is gonna leave their Mexico plant open, their Asian plants open, and so Miss CEO of General Motors was forever grateful to the American people- “thank you so much for that bailout we’re done here and we’re going to Mexico.” Because in Mexico they can pay people 2 dollars and 50 cents an hour, it is next to the Philippines as the cheapest labor in the entire world so it’s basically slave labor and they will go down there and they will pay people next to nothing.

I can guarantee you though their cars and their trucks will be no cheaper so they’re going to make even more money off the same product, and it will be you of lower quality and they’r egonna wind up charging you more for the same product of lower quality. They’re gonna go down there and use slave labor and sell products here for for even more than they were that they were selling it to you now.

I think America should just boycott the hell out of GM, what a terrible thing right before Christmas to do to these people and what a terrible thing to do to America after we bailed you out.

When this next economic crash happens and they need a bailout Donald Trump can tell them to go to hell and you know what GM can go to hell too and you know we can support other automakers for God’s sakes… Toyota and Lexus makes cars right here in America, in fact they make more American-made cars than American car companies do right here in America!

Add to all this the fact that many American consumers are piling on holiday debt to existing masses of high interest credit card payments, and you will understand why factory orders have tumbled to new lows overall and condo prices are crashing in San Francisco. The consumer is tapped out and spending on fumes at this point.

Pray to God and set your affairs in order. We’re in for a very bumpy ride in 2019.

The Many Benefits Of A Pet Door For Your Dog

If you have a dog and your home does not yet have a pet door, you are missing out on a ton of benefits that having a doggy door provides. You can easily expand you and your dog’s freedom by installing a pet door in your house just in time for Autumn, and improve everyone’s quality of life.

The Benefits of Installing a Doggy Pet Door in Your House


Dog Doors: the ability for your dog to use the bathroom when it wants

When you have a doggy door you give your pet the freedom to use the bathroom without restrictions. This is especially helpful because most dogs prefer to use the bathroom outdoors even if you have trained it to use the potty indoors.

With a pet door your dog will simply be able to go out to use the bathroom without needing assistance from you or sitting and staring you down while you watch TV. Consequently, you can leave your pet indoors and know that it will be able to conveniently go outside to use the bathroom whenever it needs to.

This means getting to finally sleep in! 🙂

signs your dog needs to pee

Dog doors provide more playtime outside for your dog

Pets, especially dogs, enjoy playing in open spaces instead of spending all their time indoors. If you keep your dog indoors for long hours it might even become stressed out, causing poor health and anxiety from a lack of ample exercise.

With a pet door your dog will get to go out and play whenever it wants, and this will keep the dog happy and healthy at all times.

Pet doors mean more safety of your dog

A pet door gives you dog easy access in and out of your house. This is helpful especially when the pet is faced with danger and wants to quickly get in or out of the house. The dog can be threatened by other animals or people and it will be able to get back into the house easily.

You might also accidently lock your dog out when the weather is harsh such as during winter. Furthermore, accidents such as fire can affect your home, and with a pet door the dog will be able to get out of the house easily.

Extra convenience for you and your doggy from a solid pet door

If you have a pet door you will not have to always be there for your pet to get in or out of the house.

This is especially useful in the morning where you do not have to wake up to let your dog out. You might also need to sleep early but your dog is still out. This is very convenient because you are always assured that the dog will get in or out without supervision.

Dog doors protect the condition of your home

Whenever you dog is unable to get in or out of your house it will often try to scratch the door. This will damage your house which can be very costly, especially if the house is a rental or you plan to sell it soon.

With a pet door the condition of your home will remain intact since the dog will not need to scratch doors or even worse, pee or poop on the floor, carpet, furniture, or anything else indoors.

Therefore, having a pet door in your home is very beneficial both to you and your dog.

Is Increased Immigration from the 3rd World Bringing in All the Bed Bugs?

3rd world illegal immigrants bringing in the bed bugs

Trash in the streets. Poverty. A generally lower level of tidiness and hygiene. Parasites. These are the marks of a 3rd world country. And bed bugs.

While a person of Japanese descent who intends to immigrate to the United States has to undergo several rounds of screenings and tests, checks, and other background certifications, under Obama the Dept of Homeland Security literally shipped in people from south of the border in the United States, and now Los Angeles is battling 3rd world Typhus, and the rest of the USA has been under increased siege from bed bugs.

Take a look at the following charts and notice a pattern:

1st, let’s look at illegal immigration in the beginning of the 21st Century in the USA.

rise in illegal immigration in the united states

Now, let’s look at the sudden exponential rise in bed bugs around the same time.

rise in bed bugs chart

Find out how to eliminate and get rid of bed bugs here: https://www.defensive-end.com/get-rid-of-bed-bugs-forever.html

Making Old Pesticides Like DDT Illegal is Not the Cause of the Nation’s Bed Bug Problem

While the debate over poor personal hygiene and bed bug prevalence rages on, another leftist construct to excuse and attempt to make virtuous an overall lack of cleanliness and sanitary practices, only a few dare to actually pinpoint that besides the fact the Western world made DDT illegal a long time ago due to negative side effects for stopping bed bugs, the real culprit is letting in people who have lots of bed bugs to begin with.

If it were only making DDT illegal as a pesticide which caused the bed bugs to come back, then they would have made their comeback in the early 1980s, which they did not. It was only around the turn of the Century when even professional exterminators lamented that half of their calls in the New York area were dedicated to dealing with hysterical people with bed bug infestations.

This is unwelcome news, especially for all the people who wake up to patches of itchy red bites and unrelenting sleepless nights. And it was not just Obama who was letting in all the illegals, though he was the one giving them vouchers of money and free bus tickets to where ever they wanted to go, illegally, disregarding longstanding logical and rational immigration law and policy which almost every country on this Earth, including Mexico itself, practices.

Meanwhile, there’s a bus in Kenya covered in bed bugs going from point A to B right now that’s literally infested with thousands of these annoying bedbugs.

Illegal Immigration = Bed Bugs

In today’s politically correct climate of always pardoning anyone that’s illegally entered your country who can’t speak English, so long as they have brown skin and are named Mohammed or Hector, why is it so difficult to imagine that these pests and invaders come in together to the modern day 1st world?

Anyone who has lived in the 3rd world themselves knows that poverty and disgusting public health practices, or lack thereof, is no virtue at all. Even the people who live there know it, which is partly why they are fleeing those hell holes to begin with.

Let’s pause for all the leftists out there to faint and virtue signal. Ok, moving on…

3rd world countries have all kinds of diseases that modern societies fought off and eliminated 100s of years ago, only to have them return once our beloved leftist politicians found it expedient to pass out welfare to non citizens, along with voting rights as was the case with the California DMV.

False Blame for Bed Bugs

Many people are blaming the wrong thing for bed bugs, while ignoring the elephant sized bed bug in the room. As illegal immigration has soared in places like France and the United States for the last 20 years, an equally correlative rise in bed bugs has also occurred. To deny it is to simply hate charts and graphs, and to blatantly overlook the obvious.

The combination between making dangerous but effective chemical pesticides for bed bugs illegal matched with the unlimited number of foreign invaders coming into once civilized and free democratic countries has taken even city halls and airports hostage, or anywhere else with a high amount of transient foot traffic and upholstered fabric seats.

Top Hospitality Jobs That You Can Work Abroad

working as a waiter at a 5 star hotelHotels and resorts around the world are the perfect travel destinations and centers for business, relaxation, and fun. Every day, thousands of people check in as guests to hundreds of hotels around the world.

All these people have expectations and needs that need to be catered to.

This means that there are thousands of job opportunities to be filled in the hospitality industry. If you love to travel, and you love adventure and meeting new people, a job as part of a hotel or resort crew could be the perfect match for you.

Top Hospitality Jobs That You Can Work Abroad

Working abroad in the hospitality industry is the perfect way to travel, collect memories, meet new people, improve your CV and make a little (or a lot) extra cash, all at once!

Plus, with a global hospitality industry worth over half a trillion dollars, the opportunities available for you are almost limitless!

If you are interested in working abroad in this fantastic niche, here is a list of the top hospitality jobs that you can get into:

1. Waiting Tables

One of the most popular hospitality jobs abroad is waiting tables in fine dining restaurants at popular tourist destinations. Hotels and resorts constantly need wait staff, and the more experienced you are the easier it will be for you to get into finer and better-paying restaurants and hotels.

This job is perfect for you if you enjoy interacting with people.

2. Bartending

The perfect way to meet locals and make fun friends, bartending is a popular choice for many people who want to work abroad in this industry. Just be prepared to have considerably more lively nights than the average person.

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3. Chefs and Cooks, Catering, Cruise Ships

Being a chef or a cook in a foreign country is one of the best and most immersive ways to learn about another country’s cuisine and culture. If you love cooking or generally creating beauty with your hands, then this job would be just perfect for you.

4. Handymen/ Maintenance Staff

This job is perfect for you if you enjoy working with your hands. From cleaning to plumbing to general mechanical or electrical maintenance work, hotels and resorts are in constant need of professional and certified personnel in this area.

It is also one of the few jobs on this list that you can get into with fairly little prior experience, and learn on the job while at it.

5. Managers

Hotels usually set aside a few visas for highly skilled positions, particularly executive level positions such as managerial positions. Being an experienced manager and having previously worked at a similar position in other companies would make you very sought after.

6. Beach Attendant

Have you always wanted to run away to that beach destination of your dreams? Do you fantasize about laying on the sands and watching the evening sun dip into the ocean? If you love the beach and want a job that would let you spend your days relaxing on the beach and getting the perfect tan while at it, then say no more, because this is definitely it!

7. Scuba Dive Instructor

Having unique skills is a huge plus if you want to have an easier time finding a job abroad. If you are an expert scuba diver, and you love beach destinations, there are hundreds of resorts and hotels around the world that would be happy to do the legwork on your behalf to secure your talent.

8. Front Desk Receptionist

Hotels and resorts constantly need receptionists to man their front desks. If you are a people person, bilingual or multilingual and can be able to multitask like a pro, then this job is definitely the perfect fit for you.

9. Massage Therapist

Hospitality professionals with special skills are highly sought after around the world. Good professional massage therapists are hard to come by, and having this skill would make you very marketable.

10. Hotel Cleaning or Maid Staff

Hotel rooms will always need to be cleaned and tidied up. As a former part-time janitor, I can say that if the price is right anyone will clean a toilet, from experience.

Let’s face it, you can make tips in almost any line of hospitality work, with the right approach.

Advice from a Retired LA Waiter…

As someone who has worked in the hospitality for many years before starting my own business, I credit what I learned waiting tables with forming my understanding of how people spend money, and why.

For more info on how to make more money at any hospitality job, or even get promoted to supervisor or manager

how to make more tips in the hospitality industry

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The Bed Bugs Are Back (with Photos), How to Kill them Now!

bed bug infestation photosNothing is more annoying than to wake up in the middle of the night to find some creature sucking the life out of you. You would probably scream and squash the little devil to pieces. Bed bugs have remained the number one bed menace, followed by the mosquito. Recent surveys have actually shown that most of the population is more scared of bed bugs than mosquitoes.

Reports have however shown that most people cannot tell the difference between the bite from a mosquito and that from a bed bug. A number of bed bug news and reports are actually just mosquito bites misconstrued as bed bug news. Most people are just paranoid and psychologically fearful of bed bugs. But there is a vivid difference between the two bites.

Mosquito bites occur singly, become itchy almost immediately and they quickly disappear. Bed bug bites on the other hand occur in groups, take time to get itchy and often last long. Moreover, they can be accompanied by rashes and blood stains may be found on the bed sheets or blankets.

The little bastards can’t fly or jump. So, how do they manage to be such nightmares all over the globe? They crawl. That’s right, you can actually find the tiny insects fleeing if you are quick enough to respond to their bite. Squashing the bed bugs can actually release a lot of blood, as much as a drop. Being bitten by a couple of them, especially to an anemic person can be devastating. Also, who wants tiny little vampires sucking their blood out? No wonder they are such a scare. Fortunately, their bites are neither lethal nor spread diseases.

Where and How do People Get Bed Bugs?

There is an increasing number of reports on getting bed bugs on public vehicles, the subway and even in airplanes. Geez, now we can’t even safely sleep in our travels? Bed bug reports have been reported from flights from Newark Airport on the Air India flights. Pictures of the tiny beasts went viral on social media and a family that was traveling was actually interviewed by the Hindustan Times.

They reported that all the seats in the business class in Flight Air India 144 and when they reported to the crew, all they did was use bug spray. This aggravated the situation further. The Airline apologized on social media about the bed bug news and a few weeks later they were forced to completely ground all fights in order to eradicate the bed bugs.

There are several ways to eliminate a bed bug infestation in your house. The most basic is to avoid infested areas. Only use properly serviced public transport. Also avoid putting your suitcases on the floors in hotels. There is some truth to the known belief that bed bugs love dirty places.

Tidy Up: Step 1 in Bed Bug Prevention

So, properly clean and vacuum your house. Remember the tiny cracks on your floor boards and crevices in your bed, that is where the bugs like to hide. Include baking soda in your washing liquid, it repels bed bugs. You can call the exterminator if the infestation is heavy. Some bed bugs are quite difficult to eradicate and need intervention of a professional using extreme methods.

Also, lay something down that prevents bed bugs long term so that you’ll have that extra protection going forward. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, but you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds or thousands.

Affordable Bed Bug Infestation Prevention

Which is Best to Stop Snoring: CPAP, BIPAP or a mouthpiece?

Sleep apnea and snoring are affecting more and more people these days. In fact, there are more than 20 million US citizens suffering from excessive snoring, sadly. According to the society, this is a dangerous disorder and pharmacists have been forced to devise ways of combating it.

the VPAP for COPDCurrently, we have CPAP, BIPAP, and mouthpieces being used. Which one is the best for you? We’ll look at the pros and cons of each snoring solution and then you can make an informed decision.

Which is Best to Stop Snoring: CPAP, BIPAP or a mouthpiece?


Let’s go over the benefits vs costs analysis and pros and cons of each.


CPAP pros


This is a nasal mask covering the nose and the upper lip region. When using this mask, the patient gets an indirect airflow through the airway making it advantageous for patients with high-pressure requirements. It’s the right choice for patients who want something comfortable. While it’s not as light as those nasal pillows, it’s lighter than a full facial mask.

If you move a lot in your sleep, then this means for you it:
• Complements the body’s natural airflow
• Is more effective than nasal pillows


CPAP cons

It won’t work for mouth breathers. It’s basically ineffective when used by mouth breathing patients unless complemented by a chin strap. These are bands bound to the mouth and chin and they keep the mouth closed while you sleep.
Unsuitable for patients with:
• Larger than normal turbinates
• Narrow nasal passages


BIPAP pros

Unlike the CPAP, this machine relieves snoring by alternating air pressure. When you breathe in, it increases airflow and reduces it when breathing out. This makes it comfortable for patients and as it works in sync with the body’s breathing mechanism.
• Comfortable compared to other snoring devices
• Ideal for patients with neuromuscular ailments
• Can be used by patients with cardiovascular disease
• Works best on patients suffering from acute and moderate apnea


BIPAP cons


Perhaps the most pronounced effect of using the BIPAP machine is that the patient may experience nasal congestion. This is a side effect brought by both CPAP and BIPAP devices. It’s also disadvantageous in that:
• It’s expensive
• May bring about central apnea
For those who can’t afford BIPAP or want a natural alternative, check out these sleep apnea mouthpiece reviews.


Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea mouthpiece pros


Typically, referred to as oral appliances, this is a sleep apnea therapy device that is worn when you sleep. They resemble sports guards or dental retainers. They’re customized by pharmacists to suit the patient’s needs.
How are they advantageous?
• Patients never experience dry nasal cavities – unlike CPAP and BIPAP, the patient never experiences the discomfort brought about by a snore nose or congestion
• They’re comfortable in all sleeping positions – considering that they’re tailored to the patients liking, they will never interfere with your sleeping position or exert too much pressure on the skin. Again, CPAP and BIPAP may be uncomfortable when you have excessive facial hair while this isn’t a problem when using oral appliances.
• Suitable for patients with allergies
• Aesthetically appealing – this is in comparison to the CPAP and BIPAP masks
• Affordable


Stop Snoring Mouthpiece cons


• You may get sore gums on the first few days after using them
• Patients may experience excessive drooling
• Uncomfortable jaws
• Cannot be used in conjunction with existing crowns or braces.
• The patient may get a dry mouth on first use.

For continued reading, check out The Top BIPAP Reviews of 2018

One of the Top 10 Charities in the World: The Cambodian Children’s Fund

cambodian childrens fundInternational charity organizations are primarily geared towards community service and helping the less fortunate in areas of greatest need. Most of the resources of these organizations are assigned for the direct distribution of aid to those in need themselves, with a small percentage of donations usually going to cover administrative and supply costs.

It is important to note that all the functions performed by these organizations are legally binding, monitored and in line with the general public policy of the country where they are located. Globally there are numerous worthy causes like the welfare of impoverished children, caring for the disabled and elderly, wildlife, the environment and many more.

One of the highest rated international charity organizations is the Cambodian Children’s Fund. And their story is pretty touching to say the least.

Best International Charities to Give to: Cambodian Children’s Fund

This brilliant charity organization believes that with the requisite education and support, a child has the ability to get their whole family out of poverty and beget a new age of people who hold the power to completely transform society. CCF helps students build the confidence, skills and integrity they require to become reformists and Cambodia’s leaders of tomorrow. This organization has been working with the poor communities since the year 2004 , and started their major efforts by rescuing children living in the garbage dump located at Steung Meanchey.

best international charity for needy kidsToday there are about 2000 students in schools through the award-winning education program initiated by the CCF. Through several of its operations that focus on main themes such as community outreach and education, it employs an all inclusive approach in coming up with the real solutions to the whole issues of poverty in the communities.

Through a variety of programs that concentrate on 6 main areas- vocational training, healthcare, leadership, childcare, education and community outreach, taking a holistic on-the-ground approach to promote to address the root causes of poverty, and ensure responsibility of families and communities.

Other top-rated charities after the Cambodian Children’s Fund

1. Against malaria foundation. Malaria is the most dangerous disease to children in low-income states. An estimate of 600,000 people dies of malaria infection every year. This organization works to prevent the spread of the disease by distributing insecticide-treated nets. Even a small donation is enough to buy nets, which gives significant improvement in the quality of life of potential victims.

2. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. Just like malaria, parasitic diseases like internal microscopic worms affect a big number people living in poor areas. Approximately 240 million people are living with parasitic worm infections. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative works basically in the areas where these deadliest worms are prevalent, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Deworm the World Initiative. This organization helps governments in running programs in schools to promote deworming efforts. Mostly they help in distributing pills which eliminate intestinal parasites that get into the bodies of the kids through unsanitary water or soil. Its main objective is supporting and promoting the programs which deliver those pills to the kids.

When You Give to Cambodian Children, You Save a Life

In conclusion, if you’re going to be making a charitable donation in the near future, just remember that Cambodian children are some of the most appreciative and in need for your help and generosity. Considering that Cambodia experienced a genocide only 40 years ago, their entire society is in need of compassionate and intelligent future leaders, and with your help I recommend Cambodian Children’s Fund for your valued donation.

In addition to helping children, they also provide assistance to elderly women as well. All around, you have got to check them out.

Puppy and Dog Training Tips for On or Off Leash

Dog Training Tips for On Leash

Ideally you want to make the task at hand much easier, and one of the ways you can do that when teaching your puppy how to walk on a leash is to attach the leash to you! This is why a hands free dog leash can really come in handy both during dog training and when you hit the trails for some running and exploration of the hills.

talk it out with your dog before going off leashThe next step is to get the leash harness on its body! You can work it on step by step by incorporating treats. Changing variables slowly and rewarding can help your dog understand that what is occurring is in its best interest. You can also attach the leash and let him drag the leash behind so that it gets used to experiencing the leash.

Finally just pick up the leash and let him know that you have it, followed by dropping it. Then you can move onto rewarding the dog with treats by following you around the room or yard in successive steps and moves. Soon enough your dog will feel comfortable and be a great dog to take for a walk!

Off Leash Training for Your Dog

Getting your dog accustomed to off leash activity can be a very rewarding experience for it, from the newfound freedom it gets to experience to the actual physical and mental growth it achieves off leash. You and your dog will drastically improve your communication and understanding of each other’s cues, and you will ultimately build your bond and support system with your dog that much more.

I found that after doing things with my dog off leash he became much more calm when on leash. I think this is because he realizes that when the leash goes on, we are going on some type of trip by foot, and when the leash comes off, this means designated walk around and explore time.

leash training tips and dog training leashesMy dog now views his leash as the catalyst for his going from inside and bored to outside and walking around, experiencing all that the day and nature have to offer. So it’s interesting what a little freedom mixed with practicality creates in the psyche of your hound.

Additionally, I have found that if I pause everything and get down on my dog’s level, and word some instructions with the proper emotional tones, the dog understands in some way that I am entrusting him with greater freedom but also greater responsibility and why he must remember to listen to me.

It’s amazing how much dogs can understand from how you speak to them. I once helped trained a dog not to run away when the door opened, and I did it by opening the door, physically holding the dog with the door open, and calmly telling it not to run away, then letting the dog go.

He ran out of the door, but we found him downstairs and he appeared to be waiting for us. He got the message, that we were on the same side.

Additional Dog and Puppy Training Videos on YouTube