INTRODUCTION to Cimex Lectulariuscimex lectularius is the name for bed bugs

Bed bugs are the worst enemy to a good night’s sleep. They multiply in large numbers over a short period of time while sucking you blood. They lay eggs and the eggs hatch to suck your blood and grow really fast. If you have bedbugs, they bite and run away when you switch on the lights.

This is a very terrifying experience throughout the night. Bed bug bites are small pin like and in large numbers all over your body especially the neck and hands. If you have woken up one morning to find small brown stains on your sheets, call the exterminator as fast as possible, or research online for an affordable solution (they do exist and we’ll give you one at the end of this article).

ADAPTATION & RESISTANCE of bed bugs to chemical pesticides

Some bedbugs are actually adapting. These new bed bugs species are not exterminated by normal insecticides. They have developed thicker skins and are now the new biggest problems, if they attack your home. The extermination methods have to change. Therefore temperatures are increased to extreme bout 1400 F or extreme cold temperatures of approximately -200F.


States like California have designed new laws for fighting bedbugs. Landlords have to provide written information in details about the little creatures that bite in the night. They also are required to provide information on reporting about infestation to the landlord. The law has also prevented landlords from renting any vacant and infested rooms and not acting upon those reported. There is no need for the landlords to inspect rentals without any complaints from tenants. There is a requirement to notify of pest inspector findings.


Basically these enemies feed on blood. They feed on humans and mostly at night. An adult bedbug is a shape, size and color of an apple seed. The eggs are the color and shape sesame seed. The younger ones of bedbugs are called nymphs. They look like the adult bedbugs with the exception of their pin sized heads. After feeding they become elongated and turn their color to reddish. Before being adults, nymphs shed their exoskeleton five times.


Unlike other pests like fleas, bedbugs don’t live on the bodies of their hosts. These small creatures bite and hide. They don’t jump but crawl. These are dangerous because they can live inside cracks especially on wood. They are carried on wood and even clothes thus can easily move from one apartment to another. Affected areas have to be treated together like an estate or the infestation will be recurrent


If you have the following, your house may be infested and you need to call an exterminator;

· Tiny white and sticky eggs.

· Red or brownish pin sized spots.

· Molted skin from their shed.

· Tiny empty eggshells.

They live mostly on; mattresses, carpet edges, bed head boars, bed connections (wood), linen and walls.

Luckily bedbugs don’t carry diseases. Victims may develop red spots on their skins that look like mosquito bites. Other victims don’t have any reaction, this is disadvantageous because they will be very hard to detect.


In the 1950’s bedbugs disappeared after pesticides were developed to counter them. Decades later the pesticides were banned and as they continued to persist in the world they came back to the United States. In the 1990’s they appeared in big hotels and were carried by travelers around the world to their homes.

Bedbugs don’t depend on filth like cockroaches, whether your house is clean or filthy you can be attacked. Bedbugs will feed on your blood and give you uncomfortable nights. Wage war against bedbugs if you want to live in peace.

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The best way a human being can rest his or her body after a long day is through sleep. Sleep is vital and helps in a number of ways which include rejuvenating the body’s cells. A good sleep should be at least eight hours.

Too much of something, however, is not advisable, thus when you go to rest make sure it is sufficient, not absolute.

When you tend to sleep for a long time say twelve hours, the effect takes a toll on your body, you tend to be tiresome or restless when you finally wake up. However, there are a number of sleeping disorders which in most cases might interrupt how our body functions physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of these disorders include Sleep Apnea, Hypersomnia, Cataplexy, Narcolepsy and Sleeping Sickness.

Sleep Apnea

This is a key sleeping disorder that occurs when someone finds it difficult to breathe during sleep, usually due to insufficient or lack of enough oxygen supplied to the brain and other parts of the body. It should be noted that sleep Apnea can affect any person including infants.

The two types of sleep Apnea include Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive sleep Apnea

This is a common sleep Apnea disorder that interferes with breathing during sleep. Its main symptom is the starting and stopping of breathing. This type of Apnea is characterized by blocking your airway during Shuteye making your chest and diaphragm muscles to strain in order to open the obstructive airway thereby pulling lungs air in.

Thereafter breathing resumes with a snot, puff or body jerk. This disorder may also cause irregular heart rhythms. It is important to note that anyone can suffer from this disorder especially if you are overweight, have enlarged tonsils, large neck or if you have nose airways are smaller.


They include:

· Fatigue.

· Headaches in the morning,

· Snoring.

· Sex issues.

· Sweating at night.

· Depression.

· Sudden choking at night.

· Difficulty especially when waking up.

· A Sore throat.

Moreover, it can be hard or difficult to identify the symptoms in children since they are apparent in children.

Vital Sleep

This is a tailored snoring mouthpiece with quite a number of features. It has a flexible frame which makes it easy to adjust and does not tamper with the movement of the jaw. This helps reduce jaw stress infinitely. Its design guarantees protection to your teeth.

This mouthpiece is made of a material that does not irritate the airway since it tends to be a very sensitive part of the human body. The materials include a BPA and latex-free thermoplastic.

The mouthpiece contains air holes which enhance breathing.You can check the vitalsleep review online here i.e. Vital sleep is available in two sizes and can be worn with incomplete dentures.

It is crucial to avoid bacteria invasion into the mouthpiece since it may take a toll on you. One should note that you only need a toothbrush and a toothpaste in order. One should take into account that this mouthpiece cannot be worn by individuals with braces, Invisalign or people with missing teeth.

Don’t snooze. My sleep apnea mouthpiece reviews will not make you snore

You have problems staying asleep. You wake up tired. No amount of sleeping in makes you feel rested. Breathing is difficult and people close to you say you snore loud. It’s not just a little humorous, it’s potentially deadly.

Sleep apnea affects lots of people in America, and the more weight we put on as we age, the more at-risk we become to snoring causing us to stop breathing at night and for many, once and for all.

cpap alternativeCommon solutions include doctor visits and getting a thing called a CPAP which is a huge heavy oxygen tank with scuba-like mask and tube hookup to your face during sleep. Not comfortable, not portable, and once you’re on it, if you miss a nightly treatment, you could be putting yourself at even more risk.

So let’s say you want a natural solution to sleep apnea without going the CPAP route.

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this then you’ve already read other sleep apnea mouthpiece reviews and that’s fine. You want to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

The best thing about online DIY solutions to sleep apnea is that you can blow through a couple of products that you don’t necessarily fall in love with or don’t work great for you until you find one that does. When I did my original video review I selected the traditional elastic sleep apnea head strap and 2 different sleep apnea mouthguards.

My initial sleep apnea mouthpiece reviews

The biggest issue I found was the sleep apnea headband really jammed my chin up into my head, so uncomfortably I couldn’t get to sleep ( I’m a light sleeper ). So then I tried one of the mouthpieces, and it worked great except it yanked my jaw up and under my mouth and face, though it was the best for breathing, myself having deviated septum and sinus issues already, and I ultimately could not use it.

The last option seemed best for me which pulls the tongue out slightly to prevent the jaw from slipping back into the throat and cutting off the airway.

Anyway my point is that I had to try several different low cost options before I finally arrived at a meaningful solution for sleep apnea and difficulties breathing while sleeping.

New sleep apnea mouthguard reviews

These days I stay on the lookout for other solutions to sleep apnea, like did you know sleeping on your side can prevent the jaw and chin from slipping back and shutting down the air to the throat and neck? I have found that putting a pillow between my knees alleviates pressure off my hips and genitals.

Also, there’s startup companies out there working on nose plugs with tiny motors that help inject air into your airway through the nose like a CPAP, but might be more affordable and less bulky. So the near future holds promise for those people with sleep apnea who want a solution other than a CPAP mask and oxygen tank.

Does Bedroom Guardian work better than bed bug spray?

resistant bed bugsFirst let me say that there is not a bed bug spray in existence that is touted by those who are dealing with the unfortunate situation known as bed bugs.

I know we’re all tempted to reach for a spray when it comes to eliminating pests and insect ones especially, but bed bugs pose a different challenge.

A spray is usually a contact killer. If it weren’t, exterminators would not be in business. Most store-bought bug killers are $4 – $15 and usually are intended to kill roaches or ants. Bed bugs are extremely resistant to almost all store-bought bug killers.

Bed bugs are in fact resistant to most chemical pesticides too, like DDT, which is an old-school insecticide that the federal govt deemed a potential birth defect risk, so they banned it for casual indoor household use.

And now, an old once-thought extinct type of bed bug has apparently made a comeback after disappearing for 60 years in Florida in November 2016.

But the EPA and several American universities have hinted that there is massive opportunity for profit in the bed bug market, and the aforementioned reasons are likely why. Their prevalence and inability to be wiped out by humankind all but guarantee bed bug companies will have customers.

Bedroom Guardian

does bedroom guardian workBedroom Guardian LLC is a company that produces Bedroom Guardian, a natural bed bug killer (only guessing it’s natural since they don’t list ingredients) that is likely effective and possibly affordable, but with a catch.

Bedroom Guardian requires a credit card and indefinite monthly billing, like a month-to-month service that you have to cancel by phone.

Some people might think the concept of such is silly but these Bedroom Guardian reviews demonstrate the desperation that many people go through as they spend their way through the most common and ineffective bedbug solutions, often resulting in financial losses of hundreds to thousands.

One review online at YouTube shows that the product does work. However, the “need” to charge people monthly seems a bit predatory and unnecessary.

Bedroom Guardian for bed bugs, not for your credit

Be careful before you put your credit at risk for a company like Bedroom Guardian. We are confident you can find other solutions to bed bug problems without endangering your finances. That said, we wish you good luck in getting rid of those bed bug bites!

This is what bed bug bites look like! Gross!!

bed bug bites look like